About PAC

Philly Against Coal is a coalition of groups and individuals in Philadelphia working to end the environmentally destructive extraction and burning of coal in favor or renewable energy sources. Specifically we are focusing right now on pressuring the EPA to end mountaintop removal mining (MTR). For more information on MTR, see our Mountaintop Removal page.

Why target the EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charged with enforcing the Clean Water Act (CWA).  As part of this task, the EPA reviews all permits for mountaintop removal (MTR) sites. The Region 3 EPA Office, located at 1650 Arch St in Philadelphia, oversees CWA enforcement in Virginia and West Virginia, two states with active coal mining.  We target the EPA Region 3 office to pressure them to deny all new MTR permits.

The Region 3 EPA Office currently has 23 permits they are holding for review.

To get more information or get involved, e-mail us at nocoalphilly@gmail.com.

Coalition Members:
Energy Justice Network
Philly Rising Tide



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