Posted by: nocoalphilly | April 7, 2010

Delivery for the EPA: 1 Thank You Cake!


Monday, members of Philly Against Coal (PAC) delivered a cake to EPA Region 3 Regional Administrator Shawn Garvin. The cake features a healthy mountain and stream, and read “Thank you Region 3!”

PAC presented the cake to thank the EPA for two decisions they released last week. The EPA announced a veto of the Spruce No.1 mine site, the largest mountaintop removal site in West Virginia. The EPA has never before vetoed a permit on an active site, this decision was unprecedented in the EPA’s history. The decision came from the Region 3 office in Philadelphia.

The second major announcement from the EPA was new guidelines for reviewing MTR permits! Probably the most exciting of these is huge restrictions on valley fills. It is clear that the EPA is responding to public pressure, and that is why PAC wanted to say thank you!

With our cake we included a card reading,
epa card

“To the 404 Group,

We wanted to send this card and cake to thank you for your recent hard work and decisions!

We were thrilled to hear that in late March, the EPA too special measures to safeguard federal waterways in Logan Co, WV. By vetoing Arch Coal Company’s Spruce No.1 permit, you helped move Appalachia one step closer to a safe, sustainable, and just energy future. Thank you for making the unprecedented move to veto an already permitted mining permit!

We are also grateful to the EPA for issuing new guidelines to review mountaintop removal permits. The guidelines are a clear indication that the agency acknowledges irreversible damage from mining pollution and is committed to stopping it.

The cake we’ve baked shows (to the best of our cake-making ability) the type of healthy mountain ecosystem we want to preserve. We hope you’ll enjoy this cake, celebrate your own hard work, and continue to strictly prohibit mountaintop removal that endangers human and environmental health.

Interestingly, while learning about surface mining, we’ve often heard mountaintop removal mining described in terms analogous to extracting frosting from between layers of cake. It is said that mountaintop removal mining is similar to taking off the top layer of a cake, only to extract a thin seam of frosting. We expect that you won’t eat your cake this way, and hope you won’t permit coal mining to take place this way either!

Let’s carry this momentum forward and end all mountaintop removal in 2010!

Philly Against Coal (PAC)

P.S. We are still eager to meet with you about MTR permits still under review.”

PAC looks forward to hearing back from Mr.Garvin and the 404 Group, we hope they enjoyed the cake!

cake in box


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