Posted by: nocoalphilly | November 21, 2009

We Need 86 Mountains Because…

On September 8, a day before the EPA was scheduled to announce a decision on 86 mountaintop removal permits it had been reviewing, five of us gathered and fliered outside the EPA office on 17th St.

We had a white board that read “we need 86 mountains b/c…” where people could write in why they wanted to save mountains.

We Need 86 Mountains Because

One passerby's idea

We handed out 250-300 flyers advising people to call Francisco Cruz, who reviews permits for clean water act violations, and tell him that no MTR should be permitted.

At one point Mr.Cruz’  secretary came out and talked to some of the activists.  She told us that we should not target him unless we knew of specific CWA violations, otherwise he could not do anything.  (Shouldn’t any MTR be a CWA violation???) she said instead we should contact someone in the office of surface mining in W. Virginia.

We eventually followed up on this point and found out that Mr.Cruz was not the correct person to contact, and have since changed targets.

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